The most unconventional paid advertising book to ever be written...

(Mandatory Gear For 21st Century Advertisers...)

After spending more than 60,000 hours marketing in more than 12 years. I was able to manage and look behind the scenes of:

  • 1000+ Brands

  • 150m+ Adversiting Spend

  • Millions of Ads

  • 99% of advertisers follow the herd (use the exact same strategies, and most of them are wrong)

  • Most advertisers don’t understand how advertising platforms work (reading the wrong information can be deathly than not reading at all)

  • The landscape of paid advertising has changed radically in ways that most advertisers don’t understand (humans out, machine learning in)

  • Basic is the new complex, understanding the conceptual foundation of paid ads, helps advertisers win paid advertising.

“Well structured, written well simple words, great examples, and analogies. Massive amount of information.”

“Masterpiece. The way I look at my campaigns, completely changed. The best paid advertising book I ever read."

“Precise, original and changed the way I look at paid advertising. Loaded with helpful strategies and recommendations.”

“Not like anything that you will read anywhere else. Extremely different, like Jason says, extremely unconventional.”

So what's in the book?

  • How I learned Marketing
  • Marketing 101
  • How I learned Marketing
  • Organic Reach vs Paid Reach
  • Behind the Scenes: Cost of Ads
  • King of Metrics: ROAS
  • Dominance of CTR+CRV
  • Performance Advertising, Supply & Demand. Funnels
  • Likes, Attribuition, Retargeting
  • Nevergreen Campaigns, Machine Learning, Products!
  • Your Offer. COGs, Why Advertisers Fail & How Much to Spend
  • Organic Marketing Explained
  • Audience, Pixels & Analytics
  • Customers, Virtual Audience Bank & Relevant Ads
  • Timing & Breakthrough Period
  • Run from Gurus, Fake Case Studies, When to Hire a Marketer
  • Psychology of Marketing, Don’t be Mainstream
  • The Future of Ads
  • Game Plan
  • Common Questions
  • Win Paid Ads.

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